Getting into Python with

We have compiled a learning path for those who are new to Python, using a selection of chapters from Real Python.


Daniel Kapitan


November 11, 2023

The table below lists the topics that you should have covered _as a bare minimum. You often have a choice to suit your prefered learning style: courses are videos, tutorials are text. Note that the tutorials are free of charge, while the videos are only accessible with a paid subscription.

chapter topic course tutorial
2. Setting up Python Installing Python 3 link link
Python in VS Code link link
3. Your First Python Program Code Your First Python Program link
Basic Data Types in Python link link
Variables in Python link link
4. Strings and String Methods Strings and Character Data in Python link link
Reading Input and Writing Output in Python link link
5. Numbers and Math Operators and Expressions in Python link link
Numbers in Python link
6. Functions and Loops “for” loops (Definite Iteration) link link
“while” loops (Indefinite Iteration) link link
Defining and Calling Python Functions link link
8. Conditional Logic and Control Flow Conditional Statements in Python (if/elis/else) link link
9. Tuples, Lists and Dictinairies Lists and Tuples in Python link link
Dictionairies in Python link link
11. Modules and Packages Python Modules and Packages: An Introduction link link
12. File Input and Output Reading and Writing Files in Python link